The Carol Emmott Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving fully inclusive gender equity in healthcare leadership and governance.

Equitable and diverse representation in top leadership positions leads to better performance with higher employee satisfaction and better overall health outcomes. And yet, although women make up the vast majority of the health workforce, the numbers dwindle to single digits in the highest ranks. We are taking real steps to realize more equitable leadership of health organizations at both the individual and the system level. 

The Foundation is made up of two side-by-side programs: the Carol Emmott Fellowship and The Equity Collaborative. The Fellowship and Collaborative work synergistically to pave a path for highly accomplished women leaders in health along with the nation’s health institutions to make significant progress toward realizing gender equity in the health profession. While the Fellowship develops the individual leadership capacity and national visibility of remarkable women leaders in health, the Collaborative works at a systemic level to transform and positively impact organizational cultures of health institutions.

The benefits of a diverse and equitable work environment, financial and otherwise, are significant.

Moving more women into senior leadership positions is a step toward eliminating some of the significant inequities facing women in healthcare and will ultimately help healthcare institutions build more just, diverse, productive, and better performing work environments.

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