Introducing The Equity Collaborative: Video

The Carol Emmott Fellowship program has been successful in supporting female and diversity candidates to achieve high-level positions within healthcare. To reach a larger vision of gender parity in health leadership, however, it has become clear that health organizations need to evolve in order to address some of the structural challenges preventing equality.

In response, the Carol Emmott Foundation was created to house both the Carol Emmott Fellowship program and a newly launched program to address this issue at a systemic level, The Equity Collaborative.

The Equity Collaborative is comprised of a group of dedicated healthcare systems working together in a learning community to accelerate progress in achieving institutional gender equity and promoting gender equity across the industry. Mary Pittman, president and CEO of the Public Health Institute and CEF board member, describes the important work of The Equity Collaborative:

The Equity Collaborative brings together 13 large healthcare systems from across the nation. Each organization has made a three year commitment to work together and share best practices to enhance fully inclusive gender equity within their institution. Collaborative members will create a set of shared metrics to measure how much they are able to ‘move the needle’ and influence other healthcare organizations to join the movement.

Join these leading organizations in creating real improvement in our field! Download the prospectus from The Equity Collaborative to learn more or contact Gayle Capozzalo, executive director of The Equity Collaborative, at