A fellowship for women leaders in health

The Carol Emmott Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for exceptional women leaders in health to accelerate their careers and make a lasting impact. We are creating a future where men and women work together as peers and colleagues to improve health for all.


The single most important investment we can make is to ensure we all benefit from the varied perspectives that women bring to the highest positions of health.

The Carol Emmott Fellowship is actively creating a supportive, engaged, and diverse community of remarkable women leaders across health sectors, providing them with a unique opportunity to transform health for the better.


The Carol Emmott Fellowship, a program of The Carol Emmott Foundation, accelerates the leadership capacity and national visibility of women in health. The Fellowship provides unique support and powerful resources to exceptional women leaders. Fellowship recipients complete a 14-month program with hand-selected mentors and a nationwide network of senior executive leaders in the field.

Meet Our Fellows

Carol Emmott Fellows are chosen for their potential to make an impact and advance to senior executive roles in health.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Vice President Research Operations

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Women remain significantly underrepresented at the highest ranks of leadership in health while few programs exist to support, empower, advocate for, and connect women leaders across all sectors of health.

We believe that this current state needs to change. With the Carol Emmott Fellowship, we respond to this important need.