John Muir Health
Vice President of Practice Operations, John Muir Health Physician Network

Laura Kazaglis began her career in Akron, Ohio as a nurse and respiratory therapist initially focused on operations. From the beginning of her career, Kazaglis gravitated toward newly created and uncharted roles and responsibilities, many times becoming the first to hold the positions she took. She has always welcomed the challenges that come with new opportunities and the lifelong learning she has enjoyed throughout her journey. After moving to California in 2002, she began her career at John Muir Health as an operational project manager and physician liaison, implementing the first electronic health record system (Cerner) for the John Muir Physician Network. In 2006, Kazaglis was promoted to executive director of clinical operations, where her accomplishments included the redesign of all clinical policies and procedures, and the creation and development of the first clinical training program for all ambulatory staff members. In 2015, she was a promoted to her current role as vice president of practice operations. Kazaglis has always been and remains a passionate patient advocate, committed to the mission of providing quality healthcare for the communities and patients they serve.