Rush University Medical Center
Chief Operating Officer, Rush University Medical Group

Richa Gupta started her healthcare experience in medical school in India. After deciding to switch from the clinical track to administration, she got her masterʼs in health systems administration at University of Michigan. She completed an administrative fellowship and UNC Chapel Hill, and moved to Chicago to be part of the newly created internal consulting team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. After four years in performance improvement, she spent another four years in surgical services as director. She started at Rush in 2011, to start the performance improvement program. In this time, she has moved into the chief quality officer role and has been excited to lead the improvement arm of the organization, including performance improvement, safety, infection prevention, patient experience, and clinical resource management. She has focused her attention on advancing Rushʼs High Reliability journey through adoption of a Lean management system. She was promoted to COO of the Rush University Medical Group in May 2019.