The Carol Emmott Fellowship Class of 2020 is challenging champions of gender equity to join them in raising money for rising women leaders in healthcare.

Fellows have a goal of raising a minimum of $50,000 to fund a scholarship for one woman from an institution unable to cover the cost of the Carol Emmott Fellowship program. The scholarship will prioritize women of color and individuals from underrepresented communities.

The initiative was inspired by a belief that making enduring progress toward fully inclusive gender equity demands participation from all areas of healthcare, especially those historically marginalized due to resource constraints. With more representation and a greater diversity of voices and experiences, we have the opportunity to carry the message of equity even further.

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The Carol Emmott Fellowship is a 14-month program focused on accelerating the leadership capacity and impact of women leaders in health. Our vision is to develop outstanding women leaders in our organizations and professions who will enhance fully inclusive gender equity and transform health for all.

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For More Information:

Learn more about this effort by contacting Leigh Burgess,  CEF Fellow ‘20 and Co-chair of Fellows Funding the Future campaign at 


The Carol Emmott Fellowship and The Equity Collaborative are programs of The Carol Emmott Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Federal Tax ID number is 84-1882898.