On this Giving Tuesday, we want to say thanks…

To our fellow equity champions:

This year, we’ve seen healthcare professionals answer the call to serve during the largest global health crisis in our lifetimes. People of color and allies have walked arm-in-arm to denounce racism and bigotry. Parents—especially working mothers—have juggled careers, family obligations, and dedication to colleagues as they navigate new normals amid the pandemic.

And The Carol Emmott Foundation has had the backs of every woman and healthcare leader using their voices and positions to advocate for a better, more inclusive America.

In 2020, we welcomed our largest, most diverse class of women into The Carol Emmott Fellowship. We’ve seen every one of our current Fellows advance in their careers. Thirteen organizations completed their first year in The Equity Collaborative to accelerate fully inclusive gender equity in their systems and throughout the healthcare industry. Weekly resilience sessions brought together Fellows and alumnae in support of each other and their own wellbeing.

In 2021, we’re committed to broadening our reach. We’re developing  new curricula and training, expanding thought leadership opportunities for alumnae, and working with members of The Equity Collaborative to pilot and promote new interventions to achieve equity in the workplace.

In this most extraordinary year, Melinda Gates’ words ring true, “The pandemic provides leaders with an opportunity to dismantle antiquated systems and rebuild a more equitable and resilient world. This is how we can emerge from the pandemic in all of its dimensions: by recognizing that women are not just victims of a broken world; they can be architects of a better one.”

Our work as architects of fully inclusive equity requires your support. And we thank you: for your dedication to the cause and your financial contribution on this national day of giving.

We couldn’t do it without you.

Anne McCune 
CEO, The Carol Emmott Foundation

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