Our 2023 Accomplishments and What’s Next

Making the Future New: Leading with Authentic Optimism

2023 was a year of great loss, defined by human tragedy and laden with ecological devastation.  And yet, many of us also experienced gifts, blessings, and joyful sparks to be optimistic about.  This was true for me, and perhaps it is true for you as well.

The great visionary Angela Davis once said: “Well, you know, we need hope.  We can’t do anything without optimism.”  We can wait for the future to arrive, or we can shape it by our intention and actions. “Making the Future New: Leading with Authentic Optimism,” is our call to action for 2024 and will be threaded throughout our planned events and programs.

Within our community, there are women and men who are creating positive change, building the foundation for more compassionate, accessible, and just healthcare. This year we celebrate the leaders who acknowledge challenges while maintaining a hopeful and positive outlook. The 2024 Christine Malcolm Symposium on February 28 in Chicago will provide an opportunity for thought leaders to share their insightful stories on the CEF stage.  Please plan to join us for this powerful event and our annual reception.

As we reflect on 2023 and step into 2024, we look forward to continuing the important work of building more pathways for diverse women to advance to senior leadership and governance positions in healthcare.

Onward with optimism!
~ Anne McCune, CEO and The Carol Emmott Foundation Team

The CEF Community Continues to Thrive, Expand, and Make an Impact

Our two flagship programs, The Carol Emmott Fellowship and The Equity Collaborative (TEC), are gaining momentum in their impact and reach.

In 2023, we welcomed two new Fellowship sponsoring organizations, Vizient and MUSC, as well as two new Equity Collaborative members, Kaiser Permanente, and University of Pennsylvania Health System/Penn Medicine. Eleven of the 14 Equity Collaborative organization members sponsored fellows and all TEC member organizations signed to a second three-year term. We’re inspired by the level of commitment and expect to admit additional health systems into TEC this year as we welcome the largest Fellowship class of 24 fellows in 2024.

The Equity Collaborative organization members exceeded the McKinsey Women in the Workplace national benchmarks for diverse representation in leadership (end-of-year 2021). They reported expanded talent pools, retained employees, broadened leadership network, and reduced bias in organizational policies, practices, and structures.

The Fellowship Class of 2023 is an exceptional group of individuals who embody intellect, drive, curiosity, bravery, and courage. With minds as sharp as scalpels, they dissected complex challenges with their national mentors and through their MindShares and Impact Projects, seeking innovative solutions with unwavering determination. Two fellows became mothers, and 19 aunties celebrated the arrival of their beautiful babies. These women are the vanguard of change, forging new paths, and inspiring us all with their relentless pursuit of excellence.

New Fellowship Co-Facilitator Dr. Samantha Coleman joined the Fellowship facilitation team mid-year 2023, receiving high praise from fellows and the CEF community. Her work as the Associate Director, Leadership Development, Davis Center for Leadership at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business as well as her leadership development and coaching expertise with the Center for Creative Leadership have made her the perfect addition to the CEF team.

The Fellowship Network grew in 2023 to 115 women from over 50 organizations nationally.  Seventy-one percent of Network Fellows received promotions following their Fellowship, with the majority receiving new roles in their organizations.  In 2023, 39% of Network fellows held C-suite positions in health systems, health plans, and health services companies. The Network hosted their largest annual meeting last year, with 69 fellow attendees, representing all cohorts. The event featured thought-provoking keynote speakers and workshops while offering CEU’s, and a meaningful community service project. Four regional dinners and webinars featuring book talks and industry topics engaged the membership throughout the year. Our thanks to Meredith Sciarrio and the creative, badass, and hardworking Fellowship Network Governing Council for their leadership and support of this powerful, emerging community.

The Leadership Council, the volunteer advisory group of more than 50 prominent senior executive leaders in healthcare, is the heart and soul of the CEF community. This year Council members requested more opportunities to engage which led to more than 40 just-in-time consultations with fellows and curation of small group discussions on relevant topics, such as changing perspectives on DEI in the industry.  Leadership Council Emeritus Status, was established effective January 2024, to honor individuals who have played a pivotal role in shaping our organization.

Thank You to All Who Make It Possible

And finally, we want to give special thanks to our long-term Fellowship Network sponsor, BDC Advisors, as well as to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Valley Children’s Healthcare, Henry Ford Health System, Duke Health, and Russell Reynolds for their generous support in 2023.  Sixteen fellows “gave back” by donating more than $14,000 during the year, and 90% of the Staff, Board, and Leadership Council generously donated through our two annual appeals. The funds we raise support Fellowship scholarships, strengthen the Fellowship Network, and fund research, future pilots, and programs.

We need your help to ‘move the needle’ to advance diverse women in healthcare leadership and governance. Thank you for believing in our Fellows and the work of The Equity Collaborative.

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