The 2022 Christine Malcolm Symposium

Carolyn Carpenter, Carol Emmott Fellow Class of 2017
MHA, FACHE, President, Johns Hopkins National Capital Region, Johns Hopkins Health System

Carolyn speaks about resilience and how her harrowing challenges as a mother formed her response to personal and professional trials. Don’t let fear rule your life. Be optimistic, it really is the best choice. Remember you are not alone. And stress is part of caring; recognize it, keep the situation in perspective, and take the steps under your control to manage it.

Kenyatta Elliott, Carol Emmott Fellow Class of 2021
MBA, MHA, Associate VP, Duke University Health System

Kenyatta addresses how to rapidly dismantle generations of structural racism and mistrust from communities of color.

Jennifer Nickoles, Carol Emmott Fellow Class of 2020
MS, President, Johns Hopkins Health System

Jennifer discusses how the Covid pandemic created an obligation to act in the face of crisis, navigate uncertainty, and bring unlikely allies together in service of society. The lessons learned from the hospital’s multi-pronged fight against the pandemic were shared across the world through publications, speaking engagements, and the trainees educated at the site.

Rahma Warsame, Carol Emmott Foundation Class of 2022
MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Chair of Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity at Mayo Clinic

The Lucky One: A Doctor’s Story on Healthcare Disparities and Diversity in Caregiving. Rahma shares her personal story as a patient and a doctor, highlighting the healthcare disparities that exist in our system. As a Black woman in the medical field, she is uniquely knowledgeable about and experienced with the implicit racism that persists.

Tammy Simon, Carol Emmott Fellow Class of 2019
MS, Vice President, Institute for Quality, Innovation and Patient Safety, Marshfield Clinic Health System

A self-described introvert, Tammy presents how intentional outreach and connections transformed her as a leader. Professional and personal connections provided her a network to feel safe, share perceptions, and develop resilience. Personal relationships are important to maintain a balance for wellness, resilience, and to evolve into further advancement.