The Equity Collaborative

The Equity Collaborative is an active, self-driven learning community of large, leading healthcare organizations committed to fully inclusive gender equity within their own organizations and across the health industry.

Our vision is to facilitate systemic change in organizations to create greater diversity, gender equity, and inclusion.

Our goal is to demonstrate how fully inclusive gender equity improves organizational performance, including employee engagement, patient satisfaction & health outcomes, and reduced healthcare disparities.

The need for change is great. Diverse and equitable leadership is proven to be more effective and financially productive for organizations in all industries.

Gender bias is a cultural issue that afflicts most healthcare organizations. The cost of not recognizing the importance of gender equity is real and growing. Healthcare organizations are facing expensive lawsuits, senior executives are losing their jobs, and promising careers that companies have invested in are being cut short. When companies address fully inclusive gender equity, defined as the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and gender, and shift their organizational culture, there are tangible, proven benefits including improved access to talent, an increase in innovation, reduced risk, and improved overall performance.

The Equity Collaborative serves as a powerful change vehicle in healthcare, with Member commitment to achieving its vision made at the highest levels in the organization.

True collaboratives are not just forums for idea-sharing; they are powerful accountability levers for organizations committed to measuring their performance and achieving tangible individual and collective goals. A member-driven collaborative working to accelerate fully inclusive gender equity in healthcare leadership will positively impact organizational culture change faster than any single tool or technique. Hear from our health system CEOs about the impact The Equity Collaborative has had in their organizations.

To find out more information about how to join The Equity Collaborative, contact us.