What Inspires Investment: An Interview with Shannon Lorbiecki, Director, Manatt Health and CEF Leadership Council member

Shannon Lorbiecki, Director, Manatt Health

July 7, 2020 interview with Shannon Lorbiecki, Director, Manatt Health

Interviewed by Vicki Weiland, Development Director, Carol Emmott Foundation

  • What is your connection to the Foundation?

I was introduced to the Carol Emmott Fellowship by Christine Malcolm.  I worked with Christine at Navigant.  Her energy, enthusiasm, and commitment got me really excited.  In 2018, I assisted with Christine, Kerry Shannon, Dave Anderson, Gayle Capozzalo, and others to develop opportunities for fellows to engage in strategy within the Fellowship curriculum.  Fellows who are doctors or operations people for instance, it was felt, might need strategy mentorship as a part of their leadership development experience.   I and others served as advisors/mentors to these fellows.  I continue to serve on the Leadership Council and have volunteered as a “just in time” mentor, offering specific expertise as needed in “real time” by the fellows.  Lastly, I have helped recruit fellows through sponsor clients over the years and will continue to do so.

  • What kinds of support do you wish you had received as you were/are advancing in your career?

The strong encouragement and push that the Fellowship gives women leaders that allows them to be more confident, more aggressive, intentional, and more comfortable taking risks; putting themselves out there in ways they could not otherwise have imagined.  I have been very conservative in my career.  If I had had that network of career minded, strong, successful women around me early in my professional life, it would have made all the difference in the world.

  • Was there a moment when you knew that the work of the Foundation had real impact?

I watched the initial cohort that I had a chance to work with, the class of 2018, go through the program and watch their progress every step of the way.  I was there when they started and then when they completed.  The confidence they gained and the specific career impact the program was having on them; the additional responsibilities and promotions they received was amazing in such a short time.  Later, I watched a small group of alumnae who completed the Fellowship program a few years ago, and the way they were talking about next steps in their careers with practical, focused conversation and vision.  There was such a tangible difference in their approach, and the way their leadership had developed was obvious.

  • Why do you donate?

There are a few reasons.  One, I wish I had had such an opportunity earlier in my career, and at this point the most important thing I feel I can do is to help develop the next generation of women leaders to be the best that they can be. I have seen many overlooked, because they didn’t raise their hand, and they didn’t push for opportunities that were rightly theirs.  Two, there is such under-representation of women in health leadership, and this needs to change.  And three, I want to support Fellowship opportunities for women in safety net organizations and others that may not have resources.

  • What prompted you to commit to an ongoing recurring gift?

I would rather make a recurring commitment vs. having to think of doing so when I am at an event or at year-end from a budgeting and planning perspective.  And, my decision to give speaks to the legacy that I want to leave and the impact I want to make through my contributions, and this organization aligns perfectly with what is really important to me.

  • What would you say to others who are considering support?

The Carol Emmott Fellowship, and now The Equity Collaborative, are very important programs and a very important effort.  I believe that improving gender and other levels of diversity is critical to fixing what is broken in the healthcare industry.  I have found the Foundation very effective at using funds wisely, investing resources effectively, and leveraging them for the greatest benefit.